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Photography, Local Listings, and web presence health check.

Other Services:

Along with our professional, low-cost hosting, Social Media Marketing experience, and Search Engine Optimization expertise, we offer several other services that can help your website reach more people.

Photography: We offer landscape, architectural and limited airborne photography.  This is great to show off your location, products you offer, and just to create a website that shows your character.

Web Presence Health Check: Think of this as a credit check, for your online presence.  As soon as you start your business, you start showing up on the web.  Your company may be in Google Maps.  It may be listed in the yellow pages, or Foursquare.  Have you ever made sure that all of your data is correct?  Having the wrong phone number, or an old, or wrong address will cost you customers.  Sites can easily have something wrong.  We have seen it in large businesses, and small.  One or two sites with outdated or flat out wrong information.

Professional Listings: We will submit your site to a number of additional apps, and online services that will have a real impact on your page.  This includes Foursquare/Swarm, Yelp, Google Maps, and other sites.  When people come from out of town, many use Foursquare and Yelp to find local places to eat.  This can open up a larger pool of potential customers.

It has been found that 81% of people research goods and services online, before making the decision to buy.  Don’t be left behind.