Your Expertise in the Local Wide Web.

We know the buzzwords, so you don't have to.

We offer more than just web hosting.  We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Analytics.  Many companies offer a “quick-fix” SEO solution, but that does not exist.  Search Engine Optimization is all about keeping up with the latest changes from Google and Bing.  They do a handful of major revisions a year, and several other minor revisions of their search algorithm.  Because of the size of the World Wide Web, change is slow.  We work with WordPress and install tools to optimize your site to make it easy to find.  We then have tools that generate indexes that are used by the search engines to find all of your data. We will also work with you, about how to write content and target specific keywords to reach your specific audience.

  • Social Media and Social Media Marketing:  We can work with you to come up with a strategy that will achieve the greatest impact for your time.  We can also supply tools to help you expand your presence across platforms to help grow a following and be able to interact with your customers.  We have seven years of Social Media expertise working as social media marketers.  We have experience with the major platforms, as well as several minor platforms.
  • Local search optimization:  That is what we mean, when we say we put Local, in the World Wide Web.  For many small businesses, a global reach is not needed.  What you need, is to get in front of the customers in your neighborhood, and city.
  • Responsive Web Design: Many of our templates are responsive on mobile devices.  That means that people can view your site at home, at work, and easily on the go as well.  Google matches pages to devices, so if your page is not mobile responsive, you may easily find your site hidden when your customers search from their mobile phones and tablets.